FunkyTom is a one-stop-platform

That sources the need of gay community by delivering insane, colorful, trendy, and stylish clothing products. We highlight and broadcast the best brands that gay community will love to wear!

Our Products:

We deliver the best quality and up-to-date clothing solutions at affordable prices. From swimwear to underwear, gear, bikinis, gifts, accessories, and jewelry, you will find everything here.

FunkyTom offers innovative and exclusive fashion apparel having a strong sense of individuality. Each and every piece available at our site is dedicated to the gay community and is made with a motive to inspire and educate other people. Our brand launches new range of swimwear, underwear, singlets, and leotards every year to give you something new to wear.

Here, you will find the most groundbreaking and trendiest collections at incredible prices accompanied by fast delivery, free shipping, and exclusive discounts. We are also backed up with dedicated and quick customer care service.

Our Vision & Mission:

FunkyTom – is not just about clothing or fashion, it’s also about individuality. Our brand focuses on pride, empowerment, and authenticity by delivering products to the gay community. We strive to spread awareness and equality! Not only this, we use fashion as a catalyst to bring change, love, and happiness.